Beginning New Era – 2016 Winnebago Aspect

Yogi Bear Campground – Madison Florida


 During the first week of March 2016, we took the  new RV out for the initial check out and test as we traveled to Destin, Florida  No issues.    We stayed at Madison Florida at the Yogi Bear Campground.  The campground was wonderful and was a great stopping off point on our trip to Destin FL. 

Winnebago Aspect

We arrived in Florida for our annual “over winter” and immediately began our plans for not only 2016 but completed plans for the 2018 Fantasy West Coast.  As a part of the planning, we decided that we needed more room as the grand kids indicated that they wanted to do some camping with us.  Keep in mind we have only had our Via for a year.  After some negotiations at RV World in Nokomos FL, we soon became the proud owner of a Winnebago Aspect.  Here are some photos of our new rig.


Pickleball Farewell Party

SUN N FUN Resort – Sarasota Florida – After a fantastic season on the pickleball courts it was time to say goodby to all of our pickleball friends.  On March 22nd, we assembled over at Tom and Sherry Thorne’s for food and fellowship.  We were both happy and saddened as two of our close freinds (Brad and Diane) announced that they would not be returning to SUN N FUN and had put their home up for sale.  The Advanced Pickleball Group is a group of competative folks who love the sport and challenge of a higher level of play.  Here are some of the highlights and photos of our wonderful friends.

Sarasota Florida

Sarasota Florida SUN N FUN is now our winter home to include both the RV season and also our beautiful new park model.  After some outstanding adventures in our Winnebago TOUR, we decided to put some roots down in Sarasota and then downsize our RV.  As indicated in an earlier post, we traded in our TOUR and purchased a 2015 Winnebago VIA.  For the past several days we have been working diligently making sure that we have all necessary supplies. SUN N FUN is wonderful place and has tons of activities.   This post features SUN N FUN along with some of the local attractions and activities.

New RV – New Era

Our RV adventures have taken a new twist as we have decided to drop back from a 43 foot Winnebago TOUR to a 25 foot Winnebago VIA.  This will be quite a change for us but one that we are excited about.  The larger coach, while a wonderful, is simply too large.  While on our Western trip this year there were many spots and places that we could not go due to the extreme length of the vehicle.  The total length, with the tow vehicle, was 60 feet.  This was the same as a semi.  We could not go into most National Parks due to this extreme length.


Durango CO

For the first time, the D&SNGRR will offer guests a journey to Silverton enhanced by narration to point out the many notable, historic and picturesque points along the route. The Narrators will bring the history of your trip ALIVE! This is designed for those who want to know more about the people who settled the area, when the great photo moments are coming up and who lived in that cabin in the middle of nowhere! You will be enlightened and entertained by the likes of General William Jackson Palmer, a miner’s wife, a school marm or Mrs. Henry Strater!

You will ride in one of our standard historic coaches built in the 1880s. The narrators will relate their tales to you in first-person storytelling, dressed in period clothing to match their character. They will take on the persona of an actual person involved in the settling of the West and portray through their eyes what life was like in the old days in the Durango and Silverton area. They will enlighten you through narrative and tales of what it took to build the railroad and what it takes to keep it going as well as facts about the scenery and the historical significance of the area we travel through!

This will NOT be non-stop commentary but will allow for interaction and passengers are encouraged to ask questions! On the return trip, you will have a new character in your car to provide another angle of the history of the old west.



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Upon arrival we found our campground completely flooded


Themed Characters Staged a Train Robbery

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